School Enviroment

At Oliver House, we aim to develop nurturing and engaging environment to ensure self-esteem and autonomy in each child. And strive to embed a culture of acceptance, love and praise offering plentiful opportunities for physical, mental and social development in a nurturing, caring environment . Our rooms and dedicated spaces are designed based on the 3 pillars of EYFS’s ‘Effective learning’ – (1) Playing and Exploring, (2) Active Learning and (3) Creating and Thinking Critically.

INTERNAL We reinforce a child’s sense of belonging and ensure that our internal spaces are spacious, beautiful, soothing, full of wonder and discovery, so that a child feels intrigued, respected and eager to spend their day learning in it. Display boards adorned with familiar objects and their own creations give them a sense of security and acceptance. Carefully designed experience pods and snugs with an array of natural materials, books, puzzles, messy plays, etc. develop a child’s creative and cognitive capacity.

EXTERNAL We provide children with ample opportunity to engage with nature in a clean and safe way. We make the most of the resources mother nature has on offer like leaves, twigs, sand, water, etc. to aid a child’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. With outdoor facilities like water play, sand pit, jungle gym, treehouse and much more, Oliver House combines the best of what outdoor has to offer with our holistically developed education approach.