Feedback & Progress Monitoring

At Oliver House™ we know how important it is that you and the professionals caring for your child work together. You need to feel comfortable about exchanging information and discussing things that will benefit your child. Regular opportunities for formal and informal discussions about your child and his or her progress are available. Our hands-on management team operate an open door policy where they are only a phone call, message or email away.

We meticulously track the individual progress of all children at Oliver House throughout their time with us ensuring the EYFS learning goals are tracked, monitored and necessary personalised support offered to achieve these.

For preschoolers we maintain a ‘Learning Journey’ journal for every child and our staff are always available for a chat and your child’s journal is available for you to look at any time. Children on Daycare Complete programme receive a ‘Day in the Life’ sheet at the end of each day, containing a brief summary of what your child has eaten, how long they slept for and any other key moments of your child’s day that we think you’d like to know. With this you won’t miss out on anything important during their development and will be able to encourage further progress.