Preschool Programmes

Pre-nursery – for children from 18months onwards until Nursery

Nursery – for children from 2years 6months onwards until LKG

Our preschool is where you will find our busy, busy toddlers! With children striving for independence at this age, we like to provide our toddlers with many opportunities to assert their individuality, and to try new things on their own.

In our Pre-nursery programme sensory experiences play a significant role, so the fun is evident in the messes that they make. This programme is mainly unstructured to begin with focusing on a few settling in sessions and as the child gets settled he is then introduced to more structured group and team work activities as a stepping stone to the nursery programme.

Our nursery programme is where the magic happens. This programme delivers age appropriate goals as per the UK’s EYFS learning and development standardsunder 7 different areas.

The areas of Learning and development are

In this programme, you will see your child...

laughing, learning, using age-appropriate manipulatives, running, jumping, rolling, using art materials, listening to stories, singing songs, using instruments, playing games and learning socially acceptable behaviors such as sharing, listening, following simple directions, cleaning up, sitting at a table for lunch, investigating their world and exploring their own creativity.

In this programme you will see teachers...

Prepared for the day’s activities, smiling, hugging interacting with children, singing with them, reading to them, introducing colors, shapes, numbers, letters and helping them to reach their learning and development goals using familiar objects and animals, using puppets, using instruments, encouraging the use of manipulatives, introducing simple rules, encouraging, praising, accepting and reassuring.