UK Standards, Indian Ethos

Unlike other countries, Indian education system doesn’t yet require for preschools to adhere to a statutory early years standards, which means most preschools and nurseries in India design their own curriculum from their own local and personal experiences and limited international exposure. At Oliver House, we don’t experiment with your child's future and our programmes deliver the extensively researched and scientifically proven UK’s compulsory for all England preschools, Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) standards. Further delivery of EYFS is sufficiently flexible to adapt and be localised making it extremely suitable and relevant for Indian values and culture at a regional level.

We pride on teaching individuals and not classes and core to the curriculum is the assumption that every child is unique. EYFS focuses on the all-round development of the child – emotional, physical, cognitive and social. Our curriculum is structured on ‘early leaning goals’ from EYFS, and establishes age appropriate learning goals for 7 key areas of learning and development.

Using the most advanced facilities, we carefully cultivate intellect, artistic expression and social skills in the young minds and lay the best foundation to prepare them for the next phase of their formal education.

Our endeavour and commitment is in upholding the core values of our culturally-enriched heritage and our curriculum is localised to recognise and impart Indian tradition and values

At Oliver House, we embrace all religions and celebrate all Indian festivals seeing god as one. We teach children to respect elders, their neighbours, friends and that no task is beneath their own social status. Children at Oliver House are taught to be contributors to the society and responsible little individuals.